June &Jonathan

Hiring Mandy to help with my wedding day was one of the best decisions I could have made. In fact, I should have hired her sooner. Her sweet demeanor and positive attitude is exactly what I needed. She is very thoughtful and thorough with her work. She was able to coordinate all the vendors and helped handle all contracts. She made the wedding planning process a breeze. Anytime I needed anything or had any concerns, instead of me having to reach out to the vendors and wait for their response, I was able to delegate this task to Mandy.

On the actual wedding day, I was able to just enjoy myself and any concern I could direct people to find Mandy. She was literally anywhere and everywhere. She handled any and all unexpected situations such as calming a distressed bride to timeline, handling payments, and assisting with literally anything that came up. Not only does she make sure the guests are taken care of, she also checks in with me (bride) and the groom. From fluffing my train to making sure I am hydrated, I felt really taken care of. My wedding day definitely would not have been the same without her help.

June 2019 

Katbie & Henry

"We are so lucky and thankful to have you as our friend and coordinator!! Don't know what we would do without you!!! Thank you for making our day stress-free so we can have the best time of our lives!!!"


"Mandy!!!!! We're so thankful for having you as our coordinator! We've never had such a caring/driven to work with that sacrifices everything just to make her clients happy! Beyond words to express how touched we both are! Our wedding went so well because of you!"


September 2018 

Diana & Harry

"THANK YOU MANDY FOR EVERYTHING!!!! we could not have done it without you!! It was the best day EVER!!!"

Diana and Harry

August 2018 

A  nnie & Nick

"Thank you for your guidance from the very beginning of our wedding planning. You are organized, resourceful and calm, which makes it a pleasure to work with!"

Annie and Nick 

September 2015

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