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What a pleasure working with Mandy!

Mandy was patient, organized and kind. My husband and I procrastinated a lot for our wedding planning during Covid. Mandy helped us stay on top of our planning process and put our dream wedding together within our budget. Mandy helped us with two ceremonies, one was an elopement-style signing ceremony, and an actual reception. All of my friends and family had a great time and we were so happy with what we put together (a great party).

Wendy and Will

January 2023

Wendy and Will

Elica and Denis

Mandy made my wedding a BIGGG Success!! HIGHLY Recommend!!

Mandy is a gem! I received countless compliments about how there were no dull moments at our wedding, our wedding was so fun, the flow of the wedding day was excellent, and how it was the best wedding they have been to. All of these praises belong to Mandy and her team. She created a schedule for us to follow that was not too rush allowing us to do things as it came up, but it was not jam packed that we were being rushed. The month leading up to our wedding she was readily available to answer any questions. She was in constant communication via text and email not just with us, but also our vendors. She made sure to keep us on schedule and that everything was done in a timely manner. The day of the wedding Mandy was super attentive and always knew when I needed a hand or making sure we had enough food or water that day. She always had a cup of water with a straw to make sure we were being hydrated. Mandy and her team had our venue set up and packed up so efficiently and brought all my wedding dreams to life. I cannot recommend Mandy enough she was more then I could ever ask for and was absolutely amazing!

Elica and Denis

September 2022


Minnie and Jon

A carefree wedding thanks to Mandy

Mandy was definitely a big part of the reason our wedding went so smoothly. Leading up to the big day, she walked us through all the important things we needed to do and sent gentle reminders for any important dates. As for the day of coordination, we could not imagine what it would have been like without her support. We had a wonderful wedding without having to worry about our guests or the schedule and just got to enjoy our day and all the effort we had put in. We would highly recommend Mandy to all of our friends and family!

Minnie and Jon

August 2022

Clarissa and James

Best Decision ever!

We hired Mandy for our month of coordinating and it was the best decision out of all the decisions to make! From the hanging pictures to ensuring the decor looked good, creating timelines, handling organization and vendor communication, leading the tea ceremony, and so much more, Mandy was so great to work with and made the final month a breeze.

For anyone inquiring or curious about getting a wedding coordinator, I definitely recommend Mandy for her professionalism, great communication, and attention to detail. She was very organized, helped us with our rehearsal even, and made sure nothing was missed. Our day was perfect thanks to her and would recommend her to anyone looking to plan, or get some extra help on their wedding day with her extensive experience! Thank you a million times over, Mandy!

Clarissa and James

August 2022


Angelica and Sunny

Absolutely blown away by service!

Mandy did an amazing job planning our wedding and we couldn’t have done it without her. We chose her for her value, and the fact she was there every step of the way including many nights past midnight, and she offered her services on our wedding day, with an extra assistant no less. Many days we felt like she was on top of everything more than we were ourselves, she really took our wedding seriously and it showed. Not only that, but all the vendors she recommended were perfect and very affordable. We went through several wedding planners before her and we are confident none could match her value, dedication, and friendliness. Hire her! You will not regret it. Honestly we felt like we saved a ton of time and money just with her.

Sunny and Angelica

August 2022

Elizabeth and  Vincent

Mandy and her team -- Simply Wonderful

Mandy and her team were absolutely amazing -- everything we could have needed and more so. For context, our wedding had 280 guests and was held in a banquet hall.

We had Mandy's help the month before the wedding and including the day of. We were not the most organized couple leading up to the month of but once Mandy came into the picture, everything became so much clearer. She was responsive as it could be, even responding past midnight on a weekday. Her suggestions and ideas were constructive and helped immensely. She is professional, friendly, accommodating, empathetic, genuine, and never rattled. She knows what she's doing and gave my wife and I a huge sense of calm and relief knowing we were in good hands. She helped us navigate many different last minute additions to our wedding, like the tea ceremony that dropped on us the week before the wedding. No issues whatsoever. Even things like gift boxes, wedding cake cutting tools, etc, she has available for rental, we didn't have to worry about getting our own.

The day of, whatever we needed, she would already know and anticipate it. She would get us coffee and water exactly when we needed it. She organized our program to the minute and kept us on track, even when unexpected things popped up or speeches or activities ran longer than anticipated. She and her team arrived hours in advance to help finalize the room and making sure everything was perfect. She stayed until the very end and helped pack our car with all of our supplies and bags. Just unbelievable service.

If you are looking for someone who truly loves what she's doing, and in turn, giving that love to her clients who she treats as well as her own friends, hire Mandy and her team. Your lives will be made easier a hundred-fold. I cannot recommend Mandy and her team enough!

Elizabeth and Vincent

July 2022


Hester and Jason


We could not have done it without Mandy!

From the moment we first met Mandy, we already had a feeling that she was the right planner for our wedding. Mandy is very friendly, professional, resourceful and has a lot knowledge about Chinese wedding traditions which we needed. She also immediately understood our vision and made sure our needs were incorporated throughout different aspects of the wedding. During the 9-10 months that Mandy was working with us, she allowed us to continue on with our hectic working lives by taking on all the hard work of researching, negotiating and coordinating vendors, offering tips and advice to help us make decisions more efficiently, and making sure we stayed on track with all the tedious preparations with timely reminders. We are impressed with how responsive she is on WhatsApp- whenever we had a random question she would respond almost immediately, even when it was late at night!
Finally, on the day of the wedding, Mandy ensured that we stayed calm and on schedule - which was pretty difficult considering we were going around 4 different locations! We felt well taken care of (Mandy kept us hydrated and made sure we had food), and were actually able to enjoy ourselves with our guests, instead of having the day go by in a blur.
All in all, we would like to sincerely thank Mandy for executing our beautiful wedding while keeping us sane and helping us save some money along the way. She was indispensable throughout the journey and we would recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding planner!

Hester and Jason

June 2022

Erica and David

Mandy was a godsend through the process of a double COVID postponement to our final reception that we were finally able to hold in October 2021.

Mandy took over for us in the final month leading up to our reception, but was always available to answer simple questions or provide recommendations leading up to this month. She was always responsive within minutes or hours, never had to ask or check in with her. She took care of every little detail and ask that we had for her during that month. We had a lot of problems arise due to COVID and vaccination requirements (eg. hired MC pulled out on us last minute and didn't want to pay us back) - Mandy was always all over every little issue. Mandy always kept our budget in mind and helped us keep costs as minimal as possible, even helped us negotiate a better price with a decorator.

On the day of, Mandy and her assistance were just stellar. Constantly keeping everything in check for ourselves and our guests. She ensured we were fed and hydrated (liquor wise as well!).

Just an utter godsend and stellar service all-round. Don't hesitate, don't do it on your own - Hire Mandy!

Erica and David

October 2021 

erica+david wedding celebration by iamjohnyooweddings_206.jpg

Stephen and Jay


Thank you, Mandy Ng for making my vision come true for my husband’s birthday surprise. This is not the first time I have hired Mandy for an event. About 5 years ago, she also had helped me plan our 10th year wedding anniversary surprise for my hubby. I had had a pleasure working with her in the past and I knew from the moment she had told me she wanted to be in an event planning industry, that she would make a great one. She is an excellent listener and a communicator that I really feel that she understood my vision. She is also a problem solver, not a problem dweller. When we came across a problem, she always stayed calm and came up with alternatives. It’s always nice to have someone who can trust to be of your help in a seamless communication. Thank you again, Mandy for your service and I can’t wait for another event and you know who I will be calling.


Amazing Mandy and her incredible events!

Although I have not had the pleasure to plan 2 past events with Mandy, I have had the pleasure of the events being planned in my honor. Mandy has worked on creating 2 surprise parties for me. Mandy planned and implemented both of the parties with amazing success. From the decor to the food and drink, everything was professionally and meticulously executed. I have to say, if she can help my husband (a bit helpless in this relm) to plan such exquisite events, then I would definitely recommend Mandy for any event you have.


October 2021 

Sarah and James

Hiring Mandy was the best decision we made in our wedding process. We hired Mandy about two months prior to our wedding date after deciding that we wanted to increase our wedding of 10 guests to a wedding of 80 guests. Mandy stepped in and brought our dreams to life in a very short period of time. She is extremely organized and tracked every detail of our day so that we could sit back and relax. Mandy also negotiated some excellent discounts with vendors to our benefit, and provided options within her network. On our wedding day, we felt extremely calm because we knew if any issue arose that Mandy could handle it. Mandy's service is one of a kind!

Sarah and James

August 2021 

J & S-64_websize.jpg

Dorothy and Kenson


Beverly and Stephen

We were delighted with Mandy’s day-of coordination for our wedding reception (Chinese dinner banquet and dancing).  Mandy is very organized, kind and pleasant to work with, and a strong behind-the-scenes troubleshooter. She managed all the vendors and setup, helped our guests with transport and logistics, and dealt with the restaurant as needed.  We hosted the event at a Cantonese restaurant and her fluency in that setting (language and cultural understanding) was extremely helpful.  Her coordination skills allowed us to focus on our guests, knowing that she would make sure everything else was running without a hitch in the background.  We can't imagine pulling off the event without her help!

Beverly and Stephen

October 2019 

My husband and I are so grateful and relieved we’ve chosen Mandy to be our month of coordinator. Her calm demeanor and thoughtful personality made our wedding day stress-free and very enjoyable. She helped us focus on “us two” as opposed to focusing on worrying about the hectic rundown. She took care of everything including setting up and cleaning up and made me feel like a princess at times (making sure I stay hydrated and even prepared a straw for me to drink water from so that my lip makeup won’t get messy). It’s definitely an interesting year for many couples getting married this year with its many restrictions and limitations, but Mandy did a great job making sure our day is as memorable as it can be. Thank you so much Mandy and team!

Dorothy and Kenson

July 2020 


Sonia and Stephen


Look no further for a wedding coordinator! Mandy is your gal! My husband and I hired Mandy to be our day-of wedding coordinator but she said her work would begin a month prior to the wedding. When I say I couldn't have done it without Mandy, believe me. She took the reigns exactly a month before our wedding and was able to coordinate our timeline, communicate with the vendors, and even helped save us some money! On top of that, she made sure to keep in touch with me so that I wouldn't go bananas because of stress - even when it was 2 a.m. at night! Mandy kept me sane throughout the whole wedding planning experience. On the day of, she masterfully coordinated every aspect of the wedding and still had time to make sure I wasn't too tired or dehydrated. Thank you again Mandy and your assistants for pulling everything together!

Sonia and Stephen

August 2019 

Lily and Jason

I recently hired Mandy to help plan my proposal. Initially, I was contemplating not hiring a planner, but looking back I wish I hired Mandy sooner! Despite the tight time frame, she worked fast to get everything prepared. She was easily reachable and very communicative during the whole process. She always worked with you to make your ideas come to life and always checked in to see if your vision was being realized. She has a very organized and detail-oriented approach, making sure everyone is on the same page. She made the effort to go to the proposal location beforehand just to make sure everything would be perfect. On the day of the proposal, I didn't feel stressed because I knew all I had to do was show up, remember my speech, and get down on one knee - I knew that everything else would be taken care of. So don't wait, just book Mandy for your next event. And if you don't have an event, make one up so you can book her as your planner!


August 2019 


June &Jonathan


Hiring Mandy to help with my wedding day was one of the best decisions I could have made. In fact, I should have hired her sooner. Her sweet demeanor and positive attitude is exactly what I needed. She is very thoughtful and thorough with her work. She was able to coordinate all the vendors and helped handle all contracts. She made the wedding planning process a breeze. Anytime I needed anything or had any concerns, instead of me having to reach out to the vendors and wait for their response, I was able to delegate this task to Mandy.

On the actual wedding day, I was able to just enjoy myself and any concern I could direct people to find Mandy. She was literally anywhere and everywhere. She handled any and all unexpected situations such as calming a distressed bride to timeline, handling payments, and assisting with literally anything that came up. Not only does she make sure the guests are taken care of, she also checks in with me (bride) and the groom. From fluffing my train to making sure I am hydrated, I felt really taken care of. My wedding day definitely would not have been the same without her help.

June and Jonathan

June 2019 

Katbie &Henry

Mandy was our day-of wedding coordinator and she was amazing! As soon as we hired her, approximately two months prior to the wedding, she immediately got all the information from us and reached out to our venue coordinator and all our vendors to make sure everything is on track. On the day of, she made sure that everything was running smoothly. We didn't have to worry about a single thing. She also made sure that we took sips of water or a small bite whenever we had the chance. From the full rundown to the small little detail, she had everything covered, even details like making sure my hubby and I had some down time to ourselves, which we really appreciated. Mandy definitely exceeded our expectation


"Mandy!!!!! We're so thankful for having you as our coordinator! We've never had such a caring/driven to work with that sacrifices everything just to make her clients happy! Beyond words to express how touched we both are! Our wedding went so well because of you!"


September 2018 


Diana & Harry

"THANK YOU MANDY FOR EVERYTHING!!!! we could not have done it without you!! It was the best day EVER!!!"

Diana and Harry

August 2018 

A  nnie & Nick

"Thank you for your guidance from the very beginning of our wedding planning. You are organized, resourceful and calm, which makes it a pleasure to work with!"

Annie and Nick 

September 2015

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