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Meet Mandy 

Hello Everyone. My name is Mandy, the founder and principal planner behind Eventful by Mandy. My passion for planning events started when I was a kid. The honor and satisfaction derived from planning simple birthday parties to school graduation banquets was thrilling. At the time, little did I know that could lead to my dream job. I started to plan community events during my first job out of University. I fell deeper in love with the logistics and creativity I was able to explore. I then continued my education with Vancouver Community College by taking a few event courses, then completed the program with The Wedding Planning Institute of Canada to become a Certified Wedding Planner. I expanded my experience of planning community events to local and international corporate conferences to weddings with more than 500 guests.

Interesting Facts 

- I'm a foodie with weird allergies

- Coffee or tea can be my breakfast

- There is always room for dessert

- I play badminton to relieve stress

- I'm a huge fan of Hello Kitty

- I am a makeup and skincare junkie

Mandy Ng

Photo Credited: Dennis Kwan Photography

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