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Asian Fusion Themed Style Shoot

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Jonathan from Jonathan Desmond Documentary & Fine Art Photography and I wanted to do a very different kind of style shoot. As both of us are in the wedding industry and his style is documentary like, we came up with this style shoot that is more cinematic with a love story.

The story goes like this...

Husband Richard wanted to re live the moment of their wedding day and have asked Kat to come by for some pastries.

Surprised her with a 2 tier cake and flowers, both of which they weren't able to have at their wedding.

To Richard's surprise, Kat had secretly accepted a job in Shanghai and would need to leave as soon as possible. She wrote a letter and presented this to him.

Richard's first instinct was to see if he can afford to go. He didn't want to let his Kat leave him for 2 years.

They have decided to enjoy a nice date together before Kat leaves.

They walked by Shanghai Alley, their favourite places in Chinatown and walked into their favourite BBQ store.

While enjoying their meal at Chinatown BBQ, Richard received an alert on his phone showing that he can afford to go with Kat to Shanghai.

Huge shout out to the following people who made this style shoot happen:

Models: Katbie Shing and Henry Mah

Calligraphy: Katbie Shing from Blanc143 Designs Photographer: Jonathan Wong from Jonathan Desmond Photography Cake: Cathy from SweeTease Cupcakes Flowers: Kathleen Chiu from Proline Decor and Trading Ltd Planner: Mandy Ng from Eventful by Mandy First Venue Space: Jeffrey's House Last Venue Space: Chinatown BBQ Shop

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